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celebrating the world's first Fairtrade gold -
the PURE collection by  ute decker

Ute Decker was one of the world’s first jewellers to launch a collection in Fairtrade gold.

Pieces from the PURE collection are individually handcrafted in a limited edition series and feature the Fairtrade ‘jewel-stamp’ next to the traditional hallmark, to guarantee the gold’s fair provenance in each piece.

fairtrade gold arm sculpture by ute decker


The Fairtrade gold collection PURE reflects in its minimalist, clean and pure lines the purity of the gold’s provenance. The Fairtrade Ecological gold in which Ute Decker handcrafted her first PURE collection is alluvial gold mined by artisanal miners without the use of chemicals.

The Fairtrade premium from this collection directly supported the artisanal mining community of Oro Verde in the Choco Bioregion of Columbia who have so far re-generated 4500 hectares of tropical rain forest that had been destroyed through large scale gold mining.


“Working with Fairtrade gold enriches each piece with an additional layer of story and meaning. The wearers of my jewellery value this attention to ethics as well as aesthetics.

In our globalised an anonymous world a piece of jewellery in Fairtrade gold is a treasured rarity. There are few objects where we know the full provenance from the piece of land, the initial producers who receive an equitable payment for their labour and stewardship of the environment to the individual artist who crafts a unique piece for the wearer”.




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fairtrade gold - ute decker


"jewellery that makes
a powerful statement...
this sculptural jewellery sets
a shining ethical example"

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"ute decker is one of the countries leading exponents
on green practices in the workshop
and at the forefront of the new wave of jewellers
who are shaping the future of jewellery"

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"the queen
of ethical jewellery"

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