• you are so quick and so efficient! i am tremendously impressed by the order acknowledgement coming within minutes of the order being placed and then, on a saturday evening, sending me an email. not many businesses react like that: you deserve every bit of your … success.   


    i am loving the earrings. my daughter admires them so much that she asked if i would give her a (silver) pair for christmas.  

     sue p

  • Frequently Asked Questions





    is each of your pieces unique? 

    i sculpt each piece individually by hand in my london studio. there will never be an exact copy. even within a series / edition each piece varies and is unique.  



    i have a question about a piece i saw on your website or at an exhibition? 

    please do get in touch. i would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.  



    i would like to see the piece being worn before making a decision? 

    yes, i agree, the pieces do come alive when they interact with the body. you are welcome to a private visit in my london studio to try on a piece. 


    alternatively, i would be happy to schedule a video call where i can virtually model a selection of pieces for you to allow you to choose the best piece for you.  


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    can i return a piece? 

    yes of course.  as long as the piece has not been worn. please see the more detailed returns policy, below.  


    whenever possible, i would encourage you to arrange a private studio visit where you can try on pieces and choose the right one for you. alternatively, as mentioned above, i am more than happy to show you pieces via a video call.  


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    your support 


    online purchases through the website incur nearly 5%  credit card and online shop fees. these are not recoverable for me if a piece is returned and i refund you for the full purchase price. 


    therefore, if you are unsure about a piece, may i please encourage you to get in touch by phone or email  to arrange your purchase and payment via an online bank transfer (bacs).  this way you would help me avoid losing the 5% online transaction fees.  


    as an independent small creative atelier, your kind support will be most appreciated.   

    thank you! 


    please get in touch via email to arrange a purchase, private studio visit or video call.  


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    detailed returns terms 

    • we are happy to offer credit /gift vouchers valid for  2 years from date of issue. 
    • as long as the piece of jewellery has not been worn, you have a legal right to cancel your order and receive a refund at any time before your order is delivered, and up to 30 days afterwards, beginning on the day you purchased your order  
    • you are responsible for paying for your own return  shipping costs. we are unable to refund any customs charges or sales tax.  
    • kindly note that we do not accept exchanges or refunds on any  custom pieces.  
    • we are not responsible for any damage or loss of items that occur in transit to us, we therefore advice fully insured return shipping.  
    • you must ensure that you take reasonable care of the product(s) while they are in your possession. if you fail to comply with this obligation, we reserve the right to deduct the cost of any deterioration, up to the price(s) of the product(s), from the refund to which you are otherwise entitled. 


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    size & fit 

    sizes are indicated as  s / m / l   on your website, how can i  make sure the ring size or bracelet size will fit? 

    not all but most of my sculptural rings can be easily resized.  


    in part for design and in part for practical reason, my ring shanks are mostly not soldered shut and can be easily adjusted by a professional jeweller.  


    if purchasing in person, i can do this in minutes while you wait, alternatively i can adjust the ring to fit your finger before dispatching your hand sculpture by post.  


    for example, where the description states the size can be adjusted: 

    a  "s" - small ring can easily be resized to any small finger size and probably a medium finger size  

    a "m" - medium ring can easily be resized to a small, medium or large  finger size 

    a  "l" - large  ring can easily be resized to any medium or large and possibly extra large  finger size 


    however a  "s" ring can probably not be stretched as far as an "l" and vice versa.  

    in this case i would propose making a new ring for your finger size.  


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    international ring size chart 


    circumference (mm) 

    diameter (mm) 


    uk & australia 

    us and canada 


    india, china & japan 




    45 1/4 

    3 /38 


    5 1/4 




    g 1/4 

    3 1/2 

    14 1/2 






    g 1/2 

    3 5/8 





    46 1/2 

    3 3/4 



    6 1/2 




    h 1/2 





    47 3/4 

    4 1/4 



    7 3/4 




    i 1/2 

    4 1/2 

    15 1/4 





    4 5/8 

    15 1/2 





    j 1/4 

    4 3/4 







    j 1/2 

    15 3/4 





    5 1/8 







    k 1/4 

    5 1/4 







    k 1/2 

    5 3/8 






    51 3/4 

    5 1/2 



    11 3/4 




    l 1/4 

    5 3/4 







    l 1/2 

    5 7/8 






    52 3/4 

    16 1/2 


    12 3/4 




    m 1/2 

    6 1/4 







    6 1/2 







    n 1/2 

    6 3/4 






    55 1/4 

    17 1/4 


    15 1/4 




    o 1/2 

    7 1/4 






    56 1/2 

    7 1/2 

    17 3/4 


    16 1/2 




    p 1/2 

    7 3/4 






    57 3/4 



    17 3/4 




    q 1/2 

    8 1/4 







    q 3/4 

    8 1/2 

    18 1/2 






    8 5/8 







    r 1/2 

    8 7/8 







    r 3/4 






    60 1/4 

    9 1/8 



    20 1/4 



    61 1/2 

    9 5/8 



    21 1/2 



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    how do i know what my ring size is? 

    this section is coming soon…. 



    jewellery resizing. can you resize a ring or arm piece? 

     yes, please see previous answer.  



    how much will jewellery resizing cost? 

    resizing of rings with an open ring shank -  free.  

    bracelets depend on the complexity. please get in touch.    


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    jewellery repair. what if a piece needs repair? 

    i will be happy to give you an individual repair quotation and / or suggest a specialist repairer in london.  

    being a bit of a perfectionist, i make my pieces to last.  


    i am proud to say, since setting up my atelier in 2009, there have  only been a handful of pieces needing minor repairs such as an accidentally broken off ear post. even though accidental damage, i have been happy to repair these free of charge.  


    usually i wish my clients many years of joy wearing their pieces.  


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    what are your jewellery care recommendations? 

    so as to maintain the beauty of your hand-crafted sculptural pieces i  would like to offer the following care suggestions: https://www.utedecker.com/jewellery-care 


    with proper care your jewellery will stay as beautiful as the day you first wore it and will become a precious heirloom that can be enjoyed for generations. 


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    do you offer a professional jewellery cleaning service? love, my piece and have worn it for years. it now needs a good clean.  

    you may be able to easily clean your silver pieces using my non-toxic care recipe: https://www.utedecker.com/jewellery-care.  


    however if your silver is rather tarnished, i am happy to offer a professional cleaning service.  

    the fee will depend on the work needed, starting from £25, which is generally all that is needed to make your silver shine again like new.  



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    commissions & special orders 

    a piece on your portfolio page  only has an "enquiry" option but not "add to cart". how can i buy this piece? 


    "add to cart"  - pieces are available in my studio and can be purchased immediately.  

    "enquire"  -  pieces may be sold or currently with a gallery, at a fair or on loan to an exhibition.  

    please get in touch.   i might be able to propose a similar piece, reserve the piece for you if on loan or make a new piece for you.  


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    can you make an existing piece in a different metal - gold | silver | bimetal? 

    mostly the answer will be yes. please get in touch to explore options.  



    how long will it take? 

    usually between 4 - 6 weeks.  however, occasionally it might be possible to make a  piece much quicker.   


    please get in touch and i will be happy to confirm a current timeframe.   


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    can i commission a sculptural jewellery piece from you? 

    yes, absolutely. i will be honest, if i feel it might not be the right fit,  i can usually recommend a better-suited jeweller for what you may have in mind.  


    however, if i feel inspired by your enquiry, i would be delighted to explore ideas.  please get in touch.   


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    what is the timeframe for a new commission? 

    that is a tricky question to answer. anything from 1 month to 1 year, depending on how busy i am,  the complexity of your commission and importantly  when the right kind of muses will come to visit.  after the initial discussion, i would be able to give you a clear idea of the timeframe.  


    commissions may be quite specific wishes or may open up a beautiful new creative exploration as one of my favourite commission briefs by a wonderful collector: "i would love you to make me a hand sculpture  - wild and abundant -  as long as i can type with it".   


    you can see the resulting ring here: https://www.utedecker.com/artworks/categories/8/956-ute-decker-calligraphy-1l-2019/ 



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    your online purchase & shipping  


    when will i receive my piece purchased in your online portfolio? 

    as an individual artist jeweller i aim to ship within three days of receipt of your purchase either by guaranteed next day delivery or by courier.  


    often i should be able to post within one or two days.  please note however, during exhibitions or holidays this might on rare occasions take longer.  


    should you require a piece on a specific date - for a special occasion, please kindly enquire before ordering. i shall be happy to confirm the exact timeframe.  


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    your online order  

    when you purchase a piece online you will immediately receive an automatic order "acknowledgement".  

    within 24 hours, usually quicker, i will send you a personal thank-you email. it will contain the acceptance of your order and confirmation of  the dispatch date.  


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    shipping fees 

    fees depend on the value of your purchase. on the shopping basket page, the fees will be displayed when you choose your preferred shipping option.   


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    shipping options & times 

    shipping times from the confirmed dispatch date onwards.  

    shipping times are estimates as there are currently delays to all destinations due to covid-19. if you require your jewellery by a specific date, please get in touch before ordering.    


    uk shipping 

    • royal mail special delivery, insurance up to £ 2500  (usually next working day but currently longer due to covid-19) from £7.00 
    • malca amit-fedex secure courier including full insurance (usually next working day) from £25, depending on the value of your order 


    international shipping 

    • royal mail international tracked, insurance only up to £250 (usually between 5-7 days but currently longer due to covid-19) from £15.00 
    • malca amit-fedex secure courier including full insurance (time depending on destination and customs clearance) from £50, depending on the destination and the value of your order

    when your order is dispatched, i will sent you an email with your tracking number. 


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    import duties and taxes 

    please note that if you place an order for delivery outside the uk, it may be subject to import duties and taxes on arrival. you will be responsible for payment of any such import duties and taxes.  please contact your local customs office for further information on import duties and taxes. 

    please also note that you must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country for which the products are destined.  


    vat (sales tax) is not added at checkout for purchases outside the uk.
    vat and any applicable duties will be collected from you by the postal operator on importation of the goods into your country.

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    order acknowledgement & order acceptance  

    pieces may also be available for sale through galleries and at exhibitions, which means on very rare occasions there might be a possibility that a piece may have just been sold to another customer before your order is received. 


    therefore, the initial automatic order "acknowledgement" email does not mean that your order has been accepted.  


    we may be unable to accept your order, if 

    • the pieces are no longer available; 
    • your payment was not authorized; 
    • we made a mistake on the pricing or description of the pieces 

    all orders are subject to acceptance, and we will confirm such availability and acceptance to you by sending you the second personal "acceptance" confirmation e-mail. 


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    i would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

    please get in touch.


    thank you,

    ute decker



     i cannot tell you how thrilled i am with my earrings!  they have just arrived (so quickly) and they are utterly beautiful, i love their texture, scale and design and i cannot thank you enough. 


    how lovely to receive your email... i  feel very proud to be the first person to have acquired anything from your new website!  it is very apt as i am wearing the earrings today...indeed i have worn them every day since receiving them.... 

    katherine p fsa