ute decker - ethical jewellery in fairtrade gold, recycled silver, bio resin. sculptural and architectural jewellery
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Ute Decker –  Victoria and Albert Museum,  Modern Jewellery and Silver Collection -  sculptural rings, architectural rings, architectural jewellery, wearable sculptures, ring sculptures, art jewellery, Fairtrade gold

Victoria and Albert Museum
Modern Jewellery and Silver Collections

‘The Curling Crest of a Wave’
hand sculpture by Ute Decker in
Fairtrade Gold



ute decker - london. Fairtrade gold, wearable sculptures -  minimalist jewellery, sculptural jewellery, ethical jewellery,  architectural jewellery, architectural jewelry

design basel, Elisabetta Cipriani, Julia Peyton-Jones, Serpentine Gallery, Zaha Hadid, Goldsmiths' Fair

architectural  jewellery   -  sculptural   jewellery

one-of-a-kind   &   small series  wearable  sculptures

Fairtrade Gold  - Fairtrade Silver -   recycled gold  - recycled silver



sculptural jewellery, architectural jewellery, art jewellery, jewellery art, geometric jewellery, fair-trade, fairtrade gold, architectural jewelry,  sculptural jewelry, art jewelry, Festival of Architecture, studio jewellery, studio jewelry,  jewellery artist, contemporary jewellery, Design Basel, Elisabetta Cipriani




"future icon of jewellery art"
Didier Haspeslagh, Didier ltd

"the architectural jeweller"
"Ute Decker won international acclaim for jewellery that is as much sculpture as body adornment"

Financial Times - How to Spend It

"Ute Decker is the first name that comes to mind when the words sculptural and jewellery come together... She creates jewels that look just as striking sitting on a museum-style black block of wood as they do on the body"
The Jewellery Editor

"avant-garde sculptural pieces that look like beautiful ... swirling sculptures"
Economist Intelligent Life



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architectural jewellery ute decker,2016