Ute Decker: Jewellery Artist and Activist

Interview by Mazzi Odu, Published on Magnus Oculus

"our zoom meeting, which takes on the energy of a stimulating conversation with an intellectually curious friend who is as engaged with the world around them as they are with their craft… as our conversation progresses it becomes clear that decker is so much more than an artist or a pioneer and early advocate of ethical jewellery practises; she has that rare quality of being equally a thinker and a doer.

however, jewellery redefined and deconstructed within her broad locus of concerns and passions has become a much more nuanced proposition in and of itself."

all creative disciplines need a dose of disruption to truly evolve, decker is doing this for jewellery one sculptural, beautiful, ethically produced piece at a time.


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December 8, 2020