Men & Brooches: Wearers

Calligraphy brooch in the Goldsmiths’ Company Collection

brooch wearing was a new experience for the goldsmiths' company silver steward, charlie spurrier, when he was asked to model ute decker's Fairtrade Gold brooch, rolling waves in moonlight, one of the goldsmiths' company's latest acquisitions.


"ute’s brooch is a bold spontaneous-looking scribble – it is from her calligraphic series – made up of a hand-textured ribbon of gold with a matte surface and polished edges. the result is a striking statement which can be worn by just about anyone in just about any context – and it looks particularly good on men".


Fairtrade Gold sculptural spiral brooch worn by goldsmiths' company silver steward Charlie Spurrier


charlie was kind enough to allow the goldsmiths' company to use the image of him it wearing the brooch, as a perfect example of a contemporary piece which really works.


visit the goldsmiths' fair website to learn more about brooches and the men who wear them.


Goldsmiths' Fair

September 24, 2020