New York Jewelry Week - Full Circle: New York - Ute Decker Talk on Sustainability and Ethics in Jewelry

22 November 2019

full circle - a day long event about sustainability and ethics in jewelry for both jewellers and consumers 


22 nov, friday, 3.10 - 3.55  pm
ute decker: talk, room #6 

be the change you want to see in this world
a talk with ute decker, the creator of the largest online ethical making resource 

ute decker pooled over nine years of her own research, passion and commitment into creating the largest free online resource for green jewellery practices, first shared on her  own website and in 2018 in collaboration with the incorporation of goldsmiths, scotland, created the dedicated website 

in this talk london-based political economist-turned-journalist-turned-jeweller and  ethical jewellery pioneer ute decker, who was one of the first worldwide to work with Fairtrade Gold, will share her top tips on how to significantly green your studio and business.

it will demystify common claims and show practical examples for making jewellery more sustainable.

this session includes a q&a and encourages frank discussion. 

fashion institute of technology
227 w. 27th st. nyc
katie murphy auditorium & pomerantz center