the brooch unpinned: the goldsmiths’ company collection 1961–2020: Online exhibition

24 September 2020 - 1 March 2021

this online exhibition celebrates the art of the brooch and a set of dynamic relationships – between maker and wearer and between wearer and viewer. it explores just one aspect of the goldsmiths’ company’s unique collection of modern jewellery, but it is a significant one in tracing the evolution of contemporary design in this most wearable and revealing of of body adornments.





talk - the brooch

recording now available online


as part of the goldsmiths' fair talks programme rachel church, curator at the victoria and albert museum in the sculpture, metalwork, ceramics and glass department and dr dora thornton, curator of the goldsmiths’ company collection discuss the history of the brooch in association with the company’s online exhibition, ‘the brooch unpinned’.*


*This exhibition has now moved to a physical exhibition at the goldsmiths centre.

it is now available on the goldsmiths' fair website, giving you a second opportunity to re-watch this fascinating talk.


at 58.10 min - you will find a brief discussion of my calligraphy brooch which is part of this exhibition and has been aquired by the goldsmiths' company collection in 2020.




ute's Rolling Waves in Moonlight brooch is featured in the exhibition, together with stunning pieces from the following artists:


john donald

mary kessell

robert adams

wendy ramshaw

grima jewellery

rod kelly

charlotte de syllas

daphne krinos

andrew lamb

jo hayes ward

emmeline hastings

jacqueline mina

jacqueline ryan

romilly saumarez smith

louise o'neill

ute decker






the rolling waves in moonlight brooch aquired by the goldsmiths' company collection in 2020

screenshot of Fairtrade Gold sculptural brooch by Ute Decker featured in Goldsmiths' exhibition


visit the goldsmiths' fair website to learn more about the history of the brooch and view the exhibition.


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