Rings! 1968 - 2001 exhibition organized by Helen Drutt : The Metal Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, USA

27 March - 12 June 2022

rings! will travel from the houston center for contemporary craft, to the metal museum, memphis, tennessee from 27 march 2022, closing on 12 june 2022.  


offering a glimpse into the boundless creative freedom revealed within the ring form. from the traditional techniques of metalsmithing to avant-garde materials and approaches, the rings on view will offer a new examination of the cultural, political, and personal meanings of the ring itself.


i am delighted one of my curl hand sculptures from the private collection of helen drutt is is in such great company with rings by giampaolo babetto, gijs bakker, giorgio vigna, peter bauhuis, david bielander, manfred bischoff, helen britton, marjorie schick, peter skubic, ted noten, gerd rothmann, peter chang, bernhard schobinger, iris eichenberg, yasuki hiramatsu, hermann jünger, ulla and martin kaufmann, märta mattsson, stefano marchetti, gigi mariani, bruno martinazzi, karl fritsch and many more... 


rings! is organized by helen drutt and researched by elizabeth essner with assistance from colleen terrell.

Installation Views